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Client Testimonials

Financial Wisdom and Peace off Mind

Financial Wisdom and Peace of Mind

For the past several years Andrew Youhas has provided us with tax services that are comprehensive, detailed and accurate.  He has also given me tremendous financial advice throughout the years in a prompt manner on a range of financial issues that I can balance against advice from other advisors.  Andrew is easily accessible providing more than just matter-of-fact information, but financial wisdom.  He is honest in all of his dealings giving me peace of mind in my taxes and my financial structures.  - Paul P., Springfield, VA      


As a money manager, I appreciate Andrew’s in-depth knowledge of trust and estates when consulting on tax work for my trust clients.  He is a fantastic communicator, both written and oral, and inspires confidence in all my dealings with him.  I highly recommend him for any fiduciary tax work. – Peter C., Springfield, VA

Spot on!

Knowledgeable and Accurate

We have found Andrew to be both incredibly knowledgeable and accurate. We have complicated business and personal tax returns which encompass several states and multiple countries and companies.  Coupled with his undoubted expertise we have found him to be straightforward and honest in our dealings.  We will certainly not take our business to any other accountant than Andrew Youhas.  - A**** Services, LLC, Frederick, MD  


Andrew Youhas is a singularly wonderful tax accountant.  He has been preparing my taxes for many years now, and he has been professional, informative, and responsive every step of the way.  He has helped me make sense of my taxes throughout multiple job scenarios, from self-employment to corporate employee.  His work over the years has helped me better understand my finances and tax responsibilities, and has ultimately helped me become more organized.  He is always my first recommendation for anyone looking for an accountant.  He is knowledgeable, attentive, and organized, yet manages to accomplish the impossible - he makes taxes fun.  Not the paying of taxes, of course - that will always be inextricably linked to death - but in the preparation of taxes Andrew finds ways to make the mundane fascinating; the rote poetic; the W-2...W-onderful? Words may fail me, but come April 15th, Andrew Youhas never has.  5 stars. 2 thumbs up.  270+ votes. -Jesse C., Springfield, VA

Efficient and Professional

Efficient and Professional

We highly recommend the services of Andrew Youhas.  Andrew provided valuable assistance to our family with respect to a complicated estate.  He was timely in his responses to our questions.  His analysis was sound and correct.  He was highly efficient with his work, resulting in savings.  And he did all of this while dealing with two demanding attorneys as his clients!  Andrew is a consummate professional and has earned our highest rating. -Eric S., San Francisco, CA and Lisa S., Alexandria, VA 

Andrew was great to work with.  He was efficient, professional and very knowledgeable about all of our needs.  We plan to work with him again in  the future!  Would recommend him to anyone looking for CPA services.  -Victoria R., Richmond, VA

Very experienced and technically savvy.  Great for remote clients and great for small business, Etsy, and EBay businesses.  -Donald D., Tampa, FL


Clear and Easy to Understand Guidance

Andrew Youhas has been my professional tax preparation service provider since 2013.  Since that time, he has consistently provided me with highly reliable federal, state, and local tax guidance and services.  He is knowledgeable, experienced, efficient, and very affordable.  He is highly organized, very efficient, and his tax preparation instructions and guidance are always clear and easy to understand.  His professional no-nonsense approach, coupled with his friendly, personable manner, provided me with confidence that I was working with a CPA that knew what he was doing and truly cared about my personal situation.  As a self employed consultant as well as a company employee the complexity of my taxes has varied a great deal the last several years. Andrew knows all the applicable tax laws, rulings, and treatments for these differing employment status and has thus ensured my returns were accurate and fully compliant. If you need help to ensure your tax returns are done quickly and correctly I highly recommend you consider his services. -Doug S., Arlington, VA     


I have always found Mr. Youhas to be thoughtful, thorough and extremely professional in all my financial dealings with him.  His integrity is above reproach and his counsel always "spot on".  I highly recommend him!  -Francisco R., Deltona, FL